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In addition to coaching and speaking, I also write professionally on the topics of sports psychology, mental training, and personal development. I have my own blog that has over 1 million hits. I have written guest articles for many different sites such as TinyBuddha.com, a website with over 3 million unique followers. I also write articles as a full-time content provider for ChannelFireball.com, the largest Magic: the Gathering retail and content website in the world where I discuss performance and gaming psychology for an audience of millions of competitive and professional level Magic players.

Here are some links to a few of the articles I’ve written:

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Playing Without Fear

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Avoiding Mental Burnout

Coping With Results

5 Steps To Developing Mental Strength

Happiness And Success

How Getting What You Want Can Sabotage You

If you’re looking for effective, high-quality content on the topics of sports psychology, mental training, personal development, or gaming psychology, then I’m you’re guy.



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