Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re someone who has never worked with a mental coach before, you may have some questions as to what a mental coach does and why you should work with one. Hopefully, I can help give you some answers to those questions. After reading these, if you still have any further questions, please feel free to contact me and let me know.


What is a mental coach?

A mental coach is someone who works with athletes specifically on the mental aspects of sport and performance to help them learn how to utilize their mind to it’s fullest and perform to their maximum. We don’t work on physical technique or anything related to the technical side of a sport. We work purely on the mental side.


What are the benefits of having a mental coach? Why should I care to work with one?

Being an athlete and performing in sport is more than just something physical. Everything you do physically starts in the mind and the quality of your thoughts and emotions is what ultimately determines the quality of your physical actions. There are many ways you can improve yourself as athlete and move to the next level simply by understanding how your mind effects your ability to perform, everything from how you mentally approach competition from how you talk to yourself during a performance. Think of your body as the car and your mind as the engine. The car can look amazing on the outside, but if the engine doesn’t work, the car won’t work. To get the absolute most out of yourself, you have to understand the mental aspect of performance and ways to utilize that to it’s fullest.


What are some of the things you talk about when working with athletes?

First, it depends on why the client came to me. If they came to me to resolve a specific issue related to their mental game, we’ll discuss that. If they came to me simply because they want to learn and improve their mental game, we’ll talk about a lot of different things: How the mind effects performance, how to build permanent confidence, how to find the correct sources of desire and motivation, how to mentally approach competition in the correct way, how to bounce back immediately from bad performances and results, etc. There’s so many layers and so much depth to it.


Do you do any kind of medical work or therapy?

When working with clients, I never do any kind of medical work or therapy. My mental coaching work is purely for sport performance and personal development only. If you’re dealing with issues like depression, suicide, or any other mental illness-related issues, I cannot and will not work with you. My services are for mentally healthy individuals looking for ways to improve their mental game for sport performance and personal development.


How often do you work with people?

Private, individual coaching sessions are normally done at a rate of once per week. That gives the client time to digest and implement the information we discussed. Some clients will request more than once a week, some will request less, such as once every other week. It just depends on what they prefer and what their needs are. For teams or groups, every situation is completely different and also depends on their wants and needs. Some teams will have me come in every day to training, others will only have me work with their athletes individually once a week by hosting individual sessions throughout the day. Some will ask me to work only with the team during training and not competition and some will do it the other around.


Is it better to have a mental coach work with me remotely or on location?

Both are beneficial and you should look to utilize both of them. With the power of the internet these days, using platforms like Skype, Discord, and other forms of communication make it extremely easy to receive coaching at a time that’s most convenient for you. At the same time, working on location is great because I think there’s great value in being able to see the person you’re working with in the flesh, connect with them, and most importantly, receive the benefits of mental coaching on performance days while you’re there performing. Many clients I work with will combine both of them. I’ll work with them remotely outside of competition and then I’ll come work with them on-location during competition days when they’re performing.


How long do you typically work with people?

I have had clients where I’ve done one session with them and that’s it. I have clients that I’ve been working with for 6-7 years and that I still work with to this day. Like with most things, it just depends on what they want and what they’re looking for. Usually, the relationship starts out as me being a coach for them, and then over time as they learn, improve, and master things, they reach a point where they no longer need me for coaching but continue to keep me around as a resource for them to keep the things we discussed fresh and maintained so that they don’t lose it.


Will you work with anyone or does the age/level matter?

I am happy and willing to work with anyone from adult athletes and coaches to parents who would like mental coaching for their children. However, the youngest age I will go to is around high school age, such as 15 or 16. Any younger than that and the complex concepts of sport psychology and mental training is often times too much for them to truly grasp and implement yet. As for the level, that doesn’t matter. Whether they’re a youth athlete or an elite professional, I will work with anyone who wants to improve their mental game and is committed to doing so.