Clients & Testimonials

Clients & Testimonials

I love what I do. I feel absolutely honored, privileged, and grateful that I have found a work I love and that makes me feel alive and purposeful. I’ve also been fortunate enough to work with many amazing people in my career. Every single person I work with leaves a mark on me in their own way, and many times, I manage to leave a mark on them. Here are a few kind words and compliments from a few of the incredible people I’ve been fortunate enough to work with over the course of my career.


“I had the honor to do some one-on-one work with Will my last season as a college athlete. Having never worked with a mental coach before, I didn’t feel comfortable letting him in on everything that makes up Evita. The first couple of sessions, he took the time to explain what his process is all about and how it has helped many different athletes to improve. I’m not the type of person to easily open up to others, so it took a lot of getting used to.

But as time went on, I found myself trusting Will with information I wouldn’t normally share. Getting a new coach for your final college season is not the easiest thing to cope with. Will helped me realize that I was/am persistent to change and for me to improve, I’d have to learn to focus on the positives. Even though the season did not go as planned, I’m glad I was able to take some of Will’s teachings with me as I move from collegiate swimming to the next stage of my career. It’s going to be a completely different ball game (and lots of changes), but I know it’ll be alright thanks to Will’s persistence in helping me realize my full potential.”

-Evita Leter, Swimmer for Suriname at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games


“I have been working with Will for the last 8 months and have seen a drastic improvement in my mental attitude. I have always struggled with extreme feelings of nervousness and pressure before each race and it seemed to get worse the older I got. I knew that this was holding me back from achieving my goals, but I had no idea how to fix it. When I heard about the chance of talking with our team psychologist Will, I almost jumped at the chance. However, as our meeting date got closer, I became a little less excited. Doubt started to creep into my mind and I became unsure as to whether it would actually work or if it would even help.

I was most definitely proved wrong after my first meeting with Will, and I walked away feeling like I had already made a huge improvement. I gained a better understanding of why I often felt nervous at meets, and an even better understanding of how I could change this for the better. The sessions were very relaxed and Will was very easy to talk to right from the beginning. He seemed to understand where I was coming from straight away which made it very easy to open up to him and I was able to discover new sides of myself. 

Will has shown me how to believe in myself and my abilities and given me key strategies to overcome obstacles that come with being an NCAA Division 1 swimmer. I was able to break lifetime best times that I hadn’t come close to in over a year and I was also able to qualify to swim for my country New Zealand at the 2018 Oceania Games. I honestly believe my improved mental approach was what made the difference. I am looking forward to continuing my progress with Will and believe that with his help I will be able to achieve my full potential.”

-Rebecca Moynihan, member of the New Zealand national team and NCAA Division 1 swimmer for Florida Gulf Coast University.


“Prior to working with Will, I had never considered how significant the mental aspect of my sports performance was. Will has been able to provide rational reasoning to the mental processes that I undergo during competitions. He opened my eyes to the defeatist attitude I carried into my races and provided me with numerous exercises that have enabled me to become a more confident & fulfilled athlete. With his help, I was able to achieve lifetime best times in each of my events for the first time in over 2 years, as well as win a conference championship in the 500y Freestyle.

Will’s dedication to his work is evident in the fact that he makes himself available to the athletes he works with 24/7, whether this be through a phone call, skype, or appointment. The outgoing, and genuinely caring, nature of Will ensures that his sessions are both educational and enjoyable!”

-Linda Shaw, NCAA Division 1 Swimmer for Florida Gulf Coast University


Before my junior year in college, I felt defeated. I had pretty much given up on swimming, as I felt like I had hit my plateau. I did not believe I would ever get over my race anxiety, and I did not think that I would have a coach that really cared about me. I decided to give it one last chance, and I’m glad I did. When our new coach brought in Will to work with our team, it was the best decision he made. Throughout the year, Will helped me get rid of my race anxiety. We analyzed each race and talked through my mental state of each competition. He gave me activities to help with my mindset and self-confidence. I stuck to these practices daily and met with Will every week.

By the end of the year, I was a completely different swimmer and person. I found myself confident in and out of the water. I had molded into someone I was proud to be, and my swimming followed. I was swimming my best times ever, and I even won 3 “A” Finals at our conference championships. I had this success inside of me all along, I just needed Wills help to realize that. The level of care he shows for his athletes is unmatched, and he believes in everyone no matter what. He knows what we are capable of and he has the means to make anyone successful. I will use what I learned with him in every aspect of my life as I move into the future. Thank you for everything you did for me!

-Sommer Harris, NCAA Division 1 Swimmers for Florida Gulf Coast University


“The year before I met Will, I had the worst year of my entire diving career. I broke my hand right before my two biggest meets toward the end of the season. I was the top diver on the team. It was my all-time low and I had to watch my teammates compete while I was recovering from my surgery. My total recovery was about 3 months before I could get back in the water to train for my senior year.

I have to admit that I was skeptical about meeting with a mental coach. Honestly, I knew things were wrong with me and I thought he was just going to confirm all of those things. But even though I thought I was strong enough to overcome my surgery and be back on the boards, I still had fears and “what ifs” running through the back of mind.

My coaches insisted that I see Will. And when I first met with him, I immediately was engaged in what he had to say to me. A saying that forever stays in my mind is ‘You will receive the best score if you just perform at your best ability, and if you have done that, then there is nothing else that is in my control.’

This year was my comeback year. I have left my sport with no regrets. I am so proud of myself for what I have been able to accomplish. I managed to achieve lifetime best scores on both the 1m and 3m boards, both of which are the 2nd best scores in FGCU history. I won both 1m and 3m CCSA Conference Championship titles, was voted the CCSA Female Diver of the Year as well as Most Outstanding Female Diver of the CSSA Championships, and qualified for the NCAA National Championship Zones for the first time in my career. And Will was there every step of the way.

 I can say I don’t think I would have been this successful in my athletic career and my personal life without him. I have gone through a journey that I don’t think I would have ever experienced without his help.” 

-Ashley Wright, NCAA Division 1 Diver for Florida Gulf Coast University


“Will has helped me with the mental aspects of my game since I met him in Florida while playing soccer in the PDL. Will and I have been able to meet in person, as well as on video chat, many times to discuss different elements of sports psychology. Will helped me understand how to solidify my confidence and preparation through our meetings together and the different mental exercises he gave me.

As I have moved into the professional game, the techniques I have learned from Will have definitely made an impact on how I approach new situations as well as each and every practice and game. Will has been very giving of his time and knowledge and I believe anyone that is committed to learning and making changes to their game will benefit from Will’s insight. The mental aspect, for whatever sport you play, is a huge part of your success as a player. Will has been someone who has helped me develop further as a player and has helped open my eyes to the psychological side of soccer.”

-Michael Scharf, professional soccer player for Kitsap Pumas and Tacoma Stars (USL, MASL)


“I first started working with Will when I played soccer for the SWFL Adrenaline in the Professional Development League, as he was working as the team’s mental coach. However, we continued working together when I went back to college to play at Upper Iowa University. Will’s work has be tremendous for me, and it was his work that has helped me to enjoy playing and competing again, something that I had lost for a period leading up to our time working together.

I think Will has many different tools to help an athlete to develop a stronger mindset when it comes to performing at a higher level in competition. In my case through working with him, I learned how to keep calm, confident, and secure in my abilities instead of letting emotions like anger, frustration, or insecurity get in my way. He has been a massive help in getting me to perform at a higher level more consistently both in training and in games, as well as developing a great relationship with my teammates on the field. He also helped me to stop getting so many yellow cards during my games!”

-Fausto Ordenana, NCAA Divison 2 soccer player for Upper Iowa University


“I can say with 100% confidence that Will’s articles and personal coaching has elevated the previously non-existent mental aspect of my game. His lessons propelled me to making Top 4 at the Star City Games Orlando Open, and from there, I then qualified for my first Pro Tour by going 13-2 at Grand Prix Dallas. There were many rounds throughout each tournament I used his concepts to focus my mind at the beginning of each match and keep myself in a peak mental state.

I used his concepts to stay grounded and to keep the focus on the game, particularly on the aspects I can control. Every couple of matches, when I felt I needed it, I would talk myself up reminding myself how well I can play. I would recite that I can’t control what my top decks are, what the match-up is, or what cards my opponent draws. My opponent, no matter who it is, will draw 7 cards just like me. They will attempt to execute their game plan and I will do the same. All the information will be there for me to process and I just need to focus on one decision at a time to make them all count. If I lose, I would be satisfied as long as I made good decisions. Finally, at the Orlando Open, I told myself and my friends aloud that I would do well and make my first big Top 8 and I did!”

-Lance Austin, Bronze Level professional Magic: the Gathering player


“I had heard great things about Will and his work, so I asked him to come in and speak to my U16 girls team before our State Cup semi-final against Sunrise Sting, the #1 ranked team in the nation. Immediately, I understood why I had heard such great things about him. He touched on all of the relevant points that my girls needed to hear for such a big game. He talked with them about how to keep focused during the match, how to play without fearing the opposition, getting themselves mentally prepared to perform, and how to properly react to any setbacks they might experience during the game.

His coaching worked tremendously. We did the visualization exercise he did with the girls before our game, and they came out of the blocks flying. They didn’t fear them. They believed they could beat them. When they scored to go up 1-0, the girls did exactly what Will discussed and the goal didn’t have any effect on them. Although we ended up going down to a 1-0 defeat, I was proud of the way my girls played and the difference in them thanks to Will’s work was evident. We dominated the game and managed to outplay the #1 team in the nation. We hit the posts on numerous occasions and missed a few great opportunities that, on another day, would have gone in. We were just unlucky.

Will’s work is outstanding and I look forward to utilizing him and his work in the future with the other teams in our program. I absolutely highly recommend him.”

-Danny Fahey, Global Premier Soccer Florida West Technical Director