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For most of my adult life, I’ve been a total wreck.

From 18-25, I was deeply depressed, frustrated, stressed out, super anxious, and ready to just give up on everything, to the point where I even decided to kill myself. I planned it out, had a date set, and everything. I just didn’t have any kind of clue what do with my life. I felt completely lost. I didn’t really have any mentors, leaders, or people I could look to for guidance in my life. My mind was totally messed up. My emotions were in chaos. My confidence was non-existent. And, my desire to be somebody in this life was barely registering a pulse.

Then, I discovered personal development, and before I knew it, I started a new journey and found my feet firmly planet on my own path of personal growth.

I adopted my own mentors, leaders, and people to guide me through their blogs, books, videos, seminars, conferences, and so forth. Over time, I started picking up mentors and leaders in real life. Ever since, it’s been a total passion of mine. So much so, that I turned it into a full blown career. I started taking all the knowledge I had gained from all the blogs, books, videos, seminars, conferences, training, and mentors I had picked up along the way, fused it with my own personal philosophy and beliefs, and turned it into my own Sports Psychology/Mental Performance Coaching business.


I also loved helping those close to me through their own problems, obstacles, and challenges. I sort of become known as the “go-to guy” for my friends, colleagues, and family members who needed help at times. One day, a good friend of mine gave me a suggestion over beers. 

“Dude, why don’t you start your own blog? That would be awesome.”

So, here we are!

Life is an endless journey. If we’re going to be successful and happy people, we always have be on the path of personal growth; constantly striving to slowly become better and stronger versions of ourselves.

And, we simply cannot make that journey through personal growth alone. We need others to take the journey with us. We need people that we can look up to, look towards, and lean on from time to time.

My hope is that, by reading this blog and sharing in my own journey along the path of my own personal growth, we can lean on each other and serve as partners on that journey. We can take the path of personal growth by sharing in the experience together. Hopefully, sharing in my own journey in becoming the best person I can be helps you to do the same in your own life, and you can pick up some useful stuff here that you can then transfer over and take with you on your own path of personal growth.

Some of the things you’ll read here may be different than what you might normally hear. In fact, it may directly contradict a lot of that. However, everything you read is something I’ve incorporated into my own life, and it’s merely what’s worked really well for me, helped change my life for the better, and helped me grow as a person. If it doesn’t work for you, fair enough. If it does, and I certainly hope it does, then awesome!


With that being said, here’s some more tidbits about me:

*I’m 30 years old.

*I was born & raised Cincinnati, Ohio.

*I’m currently living in Fort Myers, Florida.

*For my career, I’m a Sports Psychologist, Mental Performance Coach, Speaker, and Aspiring Author. I own a business called Green Rhythm Unlimited where I work primarily with professional & college athletes on Personal Development and Sports Psychology. I’ve worked with PGA Tour Professional Golfers, Professional Soccer players, and athletes from all different sports all over the world. I’ve also spoken to several University and College athletic teams, as well as various sports organizations.

*At the moment, I’m very much happily single and enjoying my freedom!

*No kids of my own

*When I’m not working, I love to go running on the beach, listen to 80’s synth music, meditate diligently, head to the Speakeasy downtown on a Friday night, play card games with friends, watch Japanese Anime, and play soccer on the weekends.

Thanks for stopping by.

Keep On Burning Bright,

Will Jonathan

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I’m 53. I’m also a coach. I still to this day get derailed by people who say something or do something that bothers me to the point that it becomes all consuming and the focus of my mind until eventually it dissolves. I hate it.

    1. Hey there Daivid. I’ve found the biggest and most helpful thing for me has been to control my self-talk and dictate what I say to myself in those kinds of moments. By controlling how I talk to myself, I’m able to navigate away from feelings of anger and frustration. If I just let my brain do what it wants in those situations, it doesn’t really turn out very good.

      It’s hard to do at first, but the more you practice controlling your self-talk in those situations, the easier it becomes to do over time and the easier it becomes to allow those kinds of situations to have a last effect.

      Best wishes my friend 🙂

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