How To Get Anything You Want


In my life, there have been moments where I’ve really wanted something. Sometimes it was something material. Sometimes it was a girl. When I was broke and practically homeless, sometimes it was just a few bucks so I could go to the gas station and get something small to eat.

As my life progressed, and as my career slowly started to take off, I wanted more.

I wanted to get more clients. I wanted to earn more money. I wanted more reputation, credibility, and success. I wanted to write a book and do public speaking. I wanted to establish myself and achieve my goals one step at a time.

Sometimes I got what I wanted. Sometimes I didn’t. Other times, I didn’t even get close. A few times, I never even tried.

We all want things. We all want to achieve things. The big question is this:

“How do I actually GET what I want?”

There are a lot of little things that help a person get what they want. But, I’ll give you the number one factor that matters the most.

The degree in which a person wants something usually looks something like this:


“I’d like to have ___________.”

“I wish I could have ____________.”

“I want to have ______________.”

“I’m OBSESSED WITH having _______________.”

If you truly have a desire for something, you have to become OBSESSED with the idea of having it.

You have to get your mind to a point where it consistently and constantly thinks about the thing that you want. Doing this allows a number of things to happen:

1. Since your mind is obsessed with getting this thing you want, every day your mind will push you to do things and find ways to get that thing that you’re after.

2. Motivation, Enthusiasm, Determination, and Perseverance will come naturally as a consequence of your obsession.

3. Even if you initially don’t know how to get what you want, your mind will constantly come up with ideas and ways of how to get what it is that you want when you’re obsessed with getting it.

That brings us to our second question:

“Well, if I’m not obsessed with getting what I want, how can I get my mind to the point where it IS obsessed?”

Here are some different ways you can get your mind obsessed about anything you want:

1. Set aside a certain amount of time each day visualizing yourself in possession of the thing you want.

2. If what you want is material, go out and expose yourself to the thing you want. If you want a new car, go to your nearest dealership and test drive the exact car that you want. Do it once a week. Twice a week. Every day, if you want.

3. Hang up pictures of the thing that you want. Make a vision board. Put it in a place where you can see it every single day.

4. Surround yourself with people who already have what you want. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur and you want to achieve something in any given field, go somewhere where there are people in that field already doing what you want, and stick to them like glue. Their mindset and their attitude will rub off onto you.

5. Read books that are related to the thing you want.

6. Write out a demand statement – “Every single day, in every way, I’m working to get ___________, and I will have _____________.”


It really doesn’t matter what it is that you want; Money, a car, a tattoo, a computer, a new skill, a new position, a new job, a new career, a relationship, a break up, a fitness level, a home, or a goal to achieve. If you can get your mind to a point where it is completely and utterly fixated on having it, it will propel you towards getting that thing.

The word Obsession tends to get a bad name. Don’t be tricked or fooled by people that try to tell you being obsessed with something is bad. Those same people probably have their own obsessions, or are in dire need of some.

Don’t be afraid to be absolutely obsessed with what you want. It will give you incredible powers you didn’t know that you had, and you’ll achieve and get more than you ever thought you could get.

It doesn’t matter how far away something seems at the moment. Ignore that. Ignore anything that goes against your obsession to have something.

Every day, I’m obsessed with progressing more and more, both in my career and as a person. I’m fixated on it.

Find your obsession.


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