How To Get Your Life Unstuck


When I was a kid growing up, in our neighborhood, I remember when they used to lay down this really thick, black tar to repair the roads or busted curbs. My friends and I used to go and play in it right after it was freshly laid. We’d take turns seeing how far we could walk before our feet got almost permanently stuck to the road. In fact, I remember once when I actually had to take my shoes off in order to get out, because my shoes had gotten glued to the street. I thought it was hilarious. My parents……not so much.

That tar managed to slow me down and get me permanently stuck.

When you think about it, it’s easy to see how life can be just the same. Life has a tendency to, at times, act like the proverbial “tar pit” and trap us in one place, gripping us tight and not letting us budge. Unfortunately, some people just kind of wave the white flag, give up, and accept being stuck, whether they realize it or not (“I hate my job/life, but I can’t change now).

Others, however, are so determined, so motivated, and so ambitious, that they refuse to give up. If their feet get stuck in the tar, they untie their shoes, step out of the pit, and keeping moving forward.

Tar = Our Challenges and Obstacles we face in our lives.

Shoes = Our strategies, plans, who we are, or way of being.

As you grow and progress in your life, as well as who you are as a human being, there will undoubtedly be times when you get slowed down, held back, or just flat out stuck. It’s almost like your entire life has come to a standstill, and things are just stagnant. You have these goals and aspirations for your life, but for someone reason, nothing is moving forward and you feel like you’re in a dead zone.

Well, when that happens, you can either decide to stay stuck and stagnant, or you can untie your shoes and create something that can propel yourself continuously to the next level:



Momentum is one of the most important elements in life as a human being. Without momentum, we can’t gain the necessary traction to get things moving, growing, and progressing. Without momentum, there can never be any results.

Momentum is the force that propels you towards achieving your goals.

Momentum is the force that reinforces new habits, and drives out the old, useless ones.

Momentum is the force that builds up our strengths, and diminishes our weaknesses.

It’s just like walking. Without momentum, you can’t do anything except stand in one place. When you drive your car, you have to start at zero and build your way up to 60. No one ever just starts at 60. You have to build momentum.

If we want to get from “zero” to “60” in our lives, we have to get unstuck. We have to get out of the stagnation.

 We have to create momentum.

Here’s how you can do that:


1) You MUST have Belief: Confidence is the key.

If you’re going to create momentum in your life, you absolutely have to believe in, not only yourself, but in what you’re trying to achieve. You have to believe that it can happen, and you have to believe that you can make it happen. You might be asking yourself, “Well, how can I believe in myself and believe that it can happen when there’s nothing around me helping me to believe?”

You have to create that belief within yourself by envisioning yourself already achieving and succeeding. You have to produce the results in your head, visualize them, and make them real.

When I started working for myself, I had one client (I’ve since lost that client). Other than that, I had no resources, no credibility, no reputation, no authority, no contacts, and no foreseeable future. How did I make it work?

I envisioned myself already being someone who had achieved what I wanted. Every day, I reinforced my confidence by visualizing myself working with athletes, doing speaking engagements, and living the life I wanted. This convinced my mind that I had the belief and confidence to do what I wanted to do. That belief, over time, became automatic and second-nature.


2) The more Confidence you have, the more you’ll think you’re capable of, and the more of your Potential you’ll use.

The more belief you have in yourself, the higher your confidence, the more of your potential you’re going to tap into.

The less you believe in yourself, and the lower your confidence, the less of your potential you’re going to tap into.

In my view, everyone has unlimited potential. However, how much of that potential you use is strictly determined by how much confidence and self-belief you have in yourself. So, if you want to increase the amount of that unlimited potential you use, create a strong sense of self-belief and believe in what you’re capable of doing. Believe in your Potential.


 3) The more of your Potential that you use, the better Action you’ll take.

In order to achieve anything, you have to take Action. You actually have to get out there, do the work, and make things happen. The quality of the action you take is determined by how much of your potential you use.

Use Little Potential = Take Little Action

Use Lots of Potential = Take Lots of Action


4) The more Action you take, the better quality Results you’ll get.

Its simple cause and effect: The more action that you take, and the more work you put in, the better results you’re going to get. The less action you take, and the less work you do, the more lousy the results will be. There really isn’t any other way. It’s that simple.

This cycle is an endless cycle that will continue to feed on itself. And, as it continues to cycle, it will grow more and more.

As you reinforce your belief and confidence, you’ll use more potential. As you use more potential, you’ll take more action. When you take more action, you get more and better results. When you get positive results that feeds back to reinforcing your belief.

This is what the Momentum Cycle looks like:


You can use this cycle to achieve absolutely anything: Career goals, personal goals, career changes, and personal changes. You can use it to get unstuck and continuously build the necessary momentum to keep moving forward, keep progressing, keep evolving, and keep growing.

I continuously use this cycle in my life. It serves as a reminder that if I want to achieve anything, or grow as an individual, I need to continuously and consistently create momentum.

Life can be a tar pit. Life can suck you in and keep you stuck. It can lock your feet to the pavement.

Untie your shoes. Keep moving. Keep progressing. Keep achieving.

Life is yours for the taking.


Don’t let a little tar hold you back from being awesome.


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