You’re in the pursuit of excellence and success in your sport. At the end of the day, it’s not talent, skill, or ability that’s going to make the difference . What makes the difference is mindset, mentality, and attitude. Understanding how the mind affects performance and properly utilizing the power of your mental game is the key to maximizing your ability to perform, achieving sustained success, and realizing your full athletic potential.



Private Mental Coaching

This coaching service is designed for athletes and gamers of any level, from the professional level all the way down to the youth level, who are looking for private, 1-on-1 mental training sessions to help them resolve any mental performance issues they are currently experiencing or who want to work on and improve their mental strength and the mental aspect of their sport.

Team Mental Coaching

This team coaching service is designed specifically for teams. As your team’s mental coach, I can work with your team before, during, and after their performances to help them get into a peak mental state, maintain that peak mental state, and perform to their maximum potential.  I can work with your team on an as-needed basis, or I can be hired to work with your team for an entire season, by providing a variety of different mental coaching services.

Green Rhythm Performance – Mental Coaching Partnership Program

This program is for the serious athlete, gamer, or competitor who is looking towards the long-term and wants to work on their mental game with a coach for a more prolonged period of time. It functions exactly like a subscription: For one flat rate every month, you will have access to your own personal mental coach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unlimited coaching sessions, mental training exercises, and more. If you’re interested in receiving the benefits of working with a mental coach for more than just a short stint and are looking to develop your mental game over the long-term, then this program is the perfect fit for your needs.

Green Rhythm Unlimited – Mental Training & Personal Development Program

This elite level program is for individual professional athletes, college athletes, and topflight competitors who are serious and committed to developing, not only their mental game and their mental capacity to perform, but developing themselves as a whole as well. In this 12 week program, we cover all aspects of mental training and personal development for the purpose of helping you to strengthen your mind and develop yourself as a whole so that you can start performing to your maximum, get better results in your sport, and create happiness and well-being outside of sport in your every day life.

Speaking Engagements

Need an expert to help your athletes learn about and understand the importance of the mind in sport? I’ll come in and speak to your team or organization about the key fundamentals of why the mind matters, why their mentality determines their ability to perform their best, and how they can utilize their mind to it’s fullest so they can achieve peak performance.

Content Production

I write articles on the psychology of performance and personal development for various websites all around the web. If you’re looking for quality, effective articles for your site that talk specifically about the mental aspects of performance or self-development, then I’ve got you covered.


My past and present clients include athletes, teams, organizations, and programs from some of the highest levels of professional, collegiate, and youth sports and gaming.



“Will Jonathan has been working with our women’s team this year and we have had incredible results. His ability to break down the mental aspect of sport and help athletes reach their potential has been incredible.”

-Dave Rollins, Head Coach of the Florida Gulf Coast University Swim Team


“Will’s work in helping me train my mindset for both inside and outside of soccer has been very good for me, and I really appreciate all of the help he has given me in our time working together.”

-Mamadou Traore, professional soccer player for C.S. Maritimo in Portugal